The Ripple Effect 2018:

Live to Love

This year AYUDH is calling on individuals to emphasize the role of love in service, empowerment and global community.

Join us August 1st-5th at MA Center Chicago. Applications coming soon.

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Join those ages 15-30 from around the world in a five day meet of learning, inspiration, and exchange at AYUDH Americas’s 5th international youth summit – The Ripple Effect. This year, in response to the violence, terrorism and rapid environmental destruction we see around us, AYUDH will be emphasizing the role of love in service, empowerment and global community. AYUDH is unique in its focus because we do not only work to support our communities through service or empowerment of young people, we do this with the mission of love, compassion and belief in the ultimate goodness of the world as espoused by Amma.  At The Ripple Effect, we offer a platform for 200 youth from 10+ countries come together in a high-level discussion on the most pressing issues of today. These discussions result in practical action– initiatives that will be carried out by our 20+ chapters across South and North America. 

At AYUDH, we believe that personal transformation lies at the heart of lasting change. Therefore, in addition to cultural, social, political and ecological perspectives, we also consider a spiritual dimension when addressing the main themes of the Summit. The teachings of spiritual leader and humanitarian Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi) form an important part of this reflection.

This Year’s Speakers

We are pleased to welcome renowned humanitarian leaders, activists and high level institutional representatives to ‘Live to Love’.  Several speakers are yet to be confirmed. Please check back here for more information when speakers are confirmed!

Working Groups 

 Working Groups are a space to develop awareness of current issues while practicing our skills in self-confidence and active citizenship. The aim is to bridge the gap between the safe and open platform of the summit and our personal impact in our local communities. Members will form groups based on which SDGs they would like to work towards. During the application process, you will be asked which SDG you would like to focus on this year. 

Special Workshops: Arts, Sports, Skills & Mindfulness

As always, we will be providing a space to develop creative skills, to explore new ways of working with our bodies and to expand our awareness of our minds and their interactions with the outside world. 

The summit features workshops in engineering and design, computer coding and website development, soap-making, spoken word-poetry, music, DJ-ing, painting, mariachi performance, environmentally sustainable initiatives, nature walks, yoga, and meditation. In the past two years, we have hosted interactive sessions by keynote speaker and movie-maker Jeff Robinov (ex-president of Warner Brothers & current CEO of Studio 8), world-renowned female boxer Lucia Rijker, award winning disability rights activist Malvika Iyer, United States Youth Observers to the United Nations Donya Nasser and Nicole Perez, actress and trick rope artist Kansas Carradine, professors from the Berkeley School of Music, and more.  These activities will take an experiential learning approach, focusing on collaborative work, and will be led by professional facilitators. You will receive information on how to sign up for these special workshops once you have filled out the application. 

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