Reimagining education for the better.

AYUDH believes our counties’ education systems are missing some important features that shape the next generation. These features include critical thinking, personal self-esteem, values, love, personal empowerment, exposure to new cultures and new ideas. AYUDH believes that we can play a role in that development by creating curriculums that include these learning types. AYUDH believes learning is not limited to the classroom; learning can happen anywhere and at times hands on learning can at times be more valuable. AYUDH Americas has noticed that communities can become stuck in certain learning patterns. AYUDH therefore proposes the following outreach project.

  1. Every AYUDH Chapter pledges to conduct one free quality educational event for a local elementary school, middle school, high school, or adult programs. AYUDH members will also continue their AYUDH Change projects and collect money to improve education on a global scale.

9 Teach Events