AYUDH Empower

Empowering communities with love and acceptance.

AYUDH believes that the essence of gender equality lies in finding common ground to empower all members of society to create and foster communities of love and acceptance. The core of this goal is shifting cultural and social attitudes to promote genuine acceptance within all individuals in society. AYUDH pledges to spread awareness about issues affecting the entire range of genders and identities in various contexts around the world. AYUDH Americas, as an international organization, will devote a social media campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to each of the following issues over the course of the year:

  • Domestic Violence (October) • Trans Awareness (November) • Slavery and Human Trafficking (December) • Mental Health & Depression (January) • Self Empowerment and Body Positivity (February) • Women’s History (March) • Economic Empowerment (April) • Women’s Health (May) • LGBT History (June)
1166 People Reached Through Events and Social Media