AYUDH Educate

Inspiring an education for living. 

Following Amma’s example, AYUDH believes that quality education should consist of both education for livelihood as well as education for life, stressing life values like compassion, love, wellbeing, harmony, and peace. Amma and AYUDH’s wish is to bring both types of education together to nurture future professionals in all different fields with the livelihood skills, mental strength, and heart to uplift the world. With this, AYUDH youth will lead the way in spreading the courage and wisdom needed amongst all in society to face the challenges of life and become lamps shedding light to the world. AYUDH plans to achieve this by the following three methods:


1. AYUDH pledges to form a network of one-on-one mentors. AYUDH members may put up flyers offering their one-on-one tutoring time on campuses or in their local communities. These tutoring sessions not only transmit academic or life skills but also uplift the recipient(s) by imparting a sense of inspiration from education, healthy living, and life values.

2. AYUDH members may try to transcend generational boundaries by connecting other individuals who might be able to teach a skill, such as veterans or elderly individuals in nursing or assisted-living homes, with students in need, promoting intergenerational inclusiveness and building bridges of acceptance.

3. AYUDH chapters may plan an outreach event to introduce education for living with workshops on life values like relaxation, stress-management, compassion, love, peace, and harmony with nature. AYUDH strives to foster learning for life by, for example, holding stress-release painting sessions in universities and schools. Students will be invited to come to AYUDH-hosted events where they will be provided with painting supplies while they listen to one of Amma’s translated speeches in the background. AYUDH will hold a series of such paint-and-listen events and cycle through multiple speeches, thereby nurturing the heart and providing a stress-free environment. In this way, AYUDH members will strive to build connections.

11 hours of learning, 91 people reached, 6 educate events