AYUDH Connect

Bridging communities through love.

AYUDH believes that each person deserves the opportunity to not only live comfortably, but experience love and inspiration. AYUDH wants to address both the immediate needs and the deeper problems of poverty by proposing the following project.

  1. AYUDH will hand out “blessing bags” to those who are in need. These blessing bags may include toiletries, necessary food, female hygiene products, stickers, personally written notes, stamps, envelopes, pamphlets that will help groups like veterans reintegrate into society. The items should be chosen carefully and consist of what will benefit the recipients the most at this time.

  2. In order for the bags to be meaningful, these bags will be community and personal relationship driven 

  3. We want to honor those we are helping.

  4. AYUDH pledges to create personal relationships that invoke feelings of understanding and love with the recipient of these blessing bags. This will make our efforts more effective and most importantly sustainable. To make sure this is the case, AYUDH pledges to become familiar with each recipient— the member should know the recipients name, hopes, and aspirations.

  5. In order to track this project, AYUDH asks each member to learn the stories of those in need. If each AYUDH chapter can let 5 recipients tell their stories, AYUDH not only connects with their partners on a new level, but provides spotlights for those who usually are not so privileged

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