Aware New York/New Jersey

AYUDH Aware: A campaign to promote awareness of hunger and decrease food wastage.New York/New Jersey

Statistics about Local Hunger Coming Soon

I completed a meal without wasting food!

Thank you for not wasting food! Your contribution is meal Loading… for New York/New Jersey.  Please visit this page again and click on the button above the next time you complete a meal without wasting food.

Click here to view hunger awareness across the Americas and see how New York/New Jersey compares.

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Our highest, most important duty in this world is to serve our fellow beings. ~Amma
AYUDH, or “Amrita Youth for Unity, Diversity, and Harmony” is the youth wing of Embracing the World, aiming to use the powerful force of young people to perpetuate natural harmony, social justice, and personal empowerment. Find out more at

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