4th Annual Youth Summit: The Ripple Effect 2017, Create. Sustain. Engage begins

Annual Youth Summit, The Ripple Effect 2017, Begins

Successful day one here at our annual international youth summit. With 150 youth and guests representing over 10 countries, 25 states, over 20 universities, we are feeling empowered to create initiatives that do not only sustain, but also engage our peers on an intergenerational level.

Some memorable quotes from our inaugural ceremony

“It is only through self empowerment that we can improve this world.” – Ron Gottsegen, President, MA Centers

“Life becomes interesting when you find the advantages within the disadvantages presented to you.” – Br. Ramanand, Director, AYUDH Americas


Lighting the lamp as a symbol of sparking our inner light of service to humanity! <3

“It is only through self empowerment that we can improve this world.” -Ron Gottsegen, President, MA Centers



Br. Ramanand, AYUDH Americas Director

Participants ranging from 14-20 coming from New York, California, Hawaii, and DC

Our amazing MCs — Jay & Naren.

Embracing the World’s MA Center Chicago tour with Br. Shantamrita Chaitanya. A beautiful view into the microcosm of a world created here at our property!

Participants exploring the Embracing the World green house!


Nightly prayer for world peace led by Swami Ramakrishnananda Puri, Br. Ramanand, Br. Shantamrita Chaitanya and our participants. Here we spend time singing songs in prayer and visualizing white flowers of peace showering down on all continents, lands, oceans, forests, all those suffering, regardless of caste, creed, religion, race gender, and finally all sentient and insentient beings. This is a special time of day when we are able to reflect on the purpose of the summit, internally, and boost our inner drive to serve humanity.

Ice breakers night!


AYUDH Soap created at our hands on soap making workshop as part of our skills training for all participants.

Malvika Iyer, award winning disability rights activist, making soap at our soap making workshop as part of our skills training curriculum!

Meet three champions of our summit this year: Lucia Rijker, World Champion in Boxing, Sienna, 2015 Global Community Champion for Women’s Economic Empowerment with Empower Women (UN Women), and Chatilla van Grinsen our Pro Basketball Champion!!! These ladies are here creating, engaging and helping our participants sustain the energy their workshops are giving them! Each day Lucia and Chatilla lead a basketball tournament–improving our teamwork and communication skills! Watch out for Sienna’s talk Sunday Morning at 10:30 A