AYUDH Americas 2016-2017 Midyear Report

AYUDH is unique among youth organizations in that we, the youth, find our voice in deciding which issues we want to tackle locally and then come together to come up with projects surrounding these issues that will impact society on a massive scale.

This year, at The Ripple Effect 2016 Youth Parliament AYUDH representatives from the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Brazil, India and Japan all came together to discuss important local issues that affect their regions. After various break out sessions and discussions, AYUDH representatives launched three main initiatives: AYUDH Connect — Towards United Nations SDG #1, AYUDH Grow — Towards United Nations SDG #2 Zero Hunger, AYUDH Teach — Towards United Nations SDG #4 Quality Education.

Our chapters across the continent have executed these initiatives in full swing. Check out our mid-year report, which documents our projects so far. In additions to our 2016 launched projects, AYUDH Nurturing Nature, AYUDH Serve, and AYUDH Change have also been continued. Read more about our initiatives here: http://ayudh.org/our-initiatives/

Together, we can make a difference, and we have. AYUDH extends its largest gratitude to all of our chapter leaders and members working towards these shared goals and values. Without you, we could not effect such local change on a massive scale.

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