Blessing Bags for the homeless in Dallas

Our AYUDH Dallas Chapter celebrated their New Year’s Eve by making ‘blessing bags’ for the homeless in Downtown Dallas. With a goal of focusing on the health and hygiene for the needy, AYUDH Dallas made a total of 50 bags filled with necessities for the homeless. Below is the list of items that were included in the bags:
– Granola bars
– Crackers
– Reusable filled water bottle
– Bandages
– Kleenex packs
– Toothpaste
– Toothbrush
– Hand sanitizer
– Pair of Socks
– Deodorant

After the bags were made, the group partnered with ‘Soup Mobile’, a non-profit charity that ‘Feeds & Shelters’ the homeless in Dallas, TX – to distribute these bags to those in need. They would like to sincerely thank the ‘Denim Group’ company based out of San Antonio, TX, and also the individual AYUDH Dallas members for their generous donations that were made for buying the item.