AYUDH Chicago facilitates discussion with children of ABK!

On Saturday, April 9th, AYUDH Chicago had the wonderful opportunity to sit down and discuss life and growing up with the kids from Amrita Bala Kendra (ABK), the children of MA Center Chicago. The topics of discussion ranged from what to do when you see someone getting bullied, to final exams in high school, to scheduling breaks to do homework in a healthy way.

Possibly the most intriguing part of the discussion came when this question was posed. What do you do when you are new at school? The members of AYUDH gave their answers immediately, telling the ABK kids to reach out to people and notice when there are new students at their school. What was shocking was the compassionate reaction of almost every child. Each one shared a personal story of when they were new at school or what they have done to make others feel comfortable and appreciated, truly embodying Amma’s messages. We were all able to share and discuss these concepts openly with equal participation on both sides.

This experience is one that AYUDH Chicago plans to do more often. We quickly realized that we can be the role models for so many others and have a positive impact on the world!