Giving back to the elderly: AYUDH DC

Giving back to the elderly: AYUDH DC

It is often said that old is gold when referring to classic songs or movies.  However, fast paced society has a tendency to forget to spend time with our elders.  Most of us tend to overlook the many sacrifices made by the preceding generations which have allowed our generation to enjoy our many comforts.

In a reflection of this issue, AYUDH DC came together on March 26th, 2016  to perform for and spend time with the senior citizens of the Potomac Valley Nursing Home there. The morning began with a Bharatanatyam performance, an Indian classical dance form, by UMD Moksha, followed by a Wushu demonstration (a contemporary Chinese form of martial arts), piano recitals, and many other timeless classics performed. Many members of the audience sang and danced along to the songs of their beloved times, such as the Ella Fitzgerald’s 1926 hit “Someone to Watch Over Me” and The Sound of Music hit from 1959, “Edelweiss.”  Throughout the performances, many of the elderly residents broke into radiant smiles from time to time, enjoying each and every act.  

We concluded our performance with a group song of The Wizard of Oz’  “Someone Over the Rainbow” upon popular request from the residents. The performance ended with many members of the crowd taking the mic and singing their own favorite songs – a beautiful moment for all who attended.

As we left the nursing home, we understood a little more that serving the elderly is a matter that should be tended to with the same drive as any other social task.  AYUDH Americas members commented later that the experience was “not only enriching, but rewarding on a deeper level than they had imagined at first.” Seeing the smiles of each resident enjoying the show filled our hearts with an inexplicable joy, reminding us that life is in fact fruitful only when we can selflessly give back to others and society.  Carrying the significance of this message in our hearts, AYUDH DC hopes to be back very soon to spend more time at this nursing home.