AYUDH present at United Nations Youth Forum on the 60th Commission on the Status of Women

Ever since the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in New York last September, the world is now focusing its development and strategizing how best to meet these global efforts. Through Amma’s numerous charitable projects, all these global goals are emphasized in varying capacities, with an emphasis on SDG5, gender equality.


Our founder, Amma, continuously stresses the importance of equal distribution of work and recognition of efforts by both men and women in society. In fact, as Amma accepted the Gandhi- King Award for Non-Violence in Geneva she envisions a society in which men and women work in equal partnership, like two wings of a bird, thus helping the world progress. Therefore, when the opportunity for Amma’s Youth for Unity, Diversity and Humanity (AYUDH) arose to serve as delegates at the United Nations Youth Forum on the 60th Commission on the Status of Women, the invitation was welcomed. AYUDH was an integral part in planning and organizing the first-ever forum of its kind, with some members even a part of the declaration team to capture lessons learned and put forth recommendations proposed by delegates. UN Women, World YWCA and UN-Inter Agency Network on Youth Development’s Working Group on Youth and Gender Equality hosted the event.

AYUDH members from India, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Canada and the United States of America participated at the two-day forum in New York City where they developed strategies to integrate youth, in particular young boys and girls, in achieving the SDG agenda. AYUDH collaborated with youth from the around the world to provide recommendations for the declaration representatives of member states, UN entities, and other ECOSOC-accredited NGOs would consider and sign to achieve gender equality globally. Additionally, AYUDH members presented a workshop featuring Amrita University’s AMMACHI Labs’ Women’s Empowerment: Sanitation project and the need for grassroots young women-led cooperatives for sustainable economic and social development.

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AYUDH representatives with Mr. Ahmad Alhendawi, UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth

AYUDH with Mrs. Lakshmi Puri, Deputy Executive Director of UN Women

AYUDH w Monica Singh, Acid Attack Survivor

AYUDH with Monica Singh, Acid Attack Survivor and Youth Activist

At the conference, AYUDH members presented a workshop in collaboration with The Hunger Project on personal, social, economic and political development through intergenerational cooperatives at the grassroots level. We emphasized AMMACHI Labs‘ model of sustainable development through capacity building and community mobilization in WE: Sanitation. Community-based development projects impact the most vulnerable in society and sharing learnings is vital in achieving the global goals!


Vidya Nair, 23, AYUDH Toronto presenting the work of AMMACHI Labs

Chandan Speaking

Chandan Yashraj, 20, AYUDH Chicago, giving a short message on energy and implementing SDG #7


AYUDH members left the forum feeling empowered to implement SDG5 within their youth community. Discussions with various youth groups led AYUDH representatives to think about the importance of educating youth on the SDGs, and providing a space where youth can plan to accomplish these SDGs.

 As a result, AYUDH is eager to plan events and projects, which will educate youth on the importance of SDGs while providing its members with a platform to develop the SDG framework with other youth from across the world. AYUDH Europe will host its Youth Summit July 17-24 at M.A. Center Germany while AYUDH Americas’ will be held August 4-7 at M.A. Center Chicago.

As this historic weekend came to a close, AYUDH Americas, AYUDH Europe and AYUDH India are ready to make their mark after two days of discussions on how we can work with other NGOs, government entities, and youth platforms all over the world to involve youth in a movement to implement the 17 SDGs. AYUDH Americas this year plans to host a platform wherein our own delegates from all around the continent can voice which SDGs they particularly would like to focus on & provide the skills and resources for youth to make these dreams come true.

Vanessa Anyoti from World YWCA, who worked jointly with Nath Hirsch to develop the program of the forum, presented the forum’s outcomes and declaration during the Opening Sessions of the 60th CSW at the UN Headquarters on March 14th, 2016.

For more information on AYUDH, Amrita University, AMMACHI Labs, Commission on the Status of Women Youth Forum please consult the following:

http://ayudh.org/ | http://www.ayudh.eu/ | https://www.amrita.edu/ | http://ammachilabs.org/ | http://www.ngocsw.org/