AYUDH Southeast hosts Atlanta Park Cleanups!

On January 2 and February 6, 2016, 15 members of AYUDH Southeast got together to clean up Standing Peachtree Park in the Atlanta suburbs! The January park cleanup focused on removing Kudzu and privets, both incredibly invasive plants that are choking out the forest. Also, they laid plans to plant trees along the creek so the water can be shaded, hence stabilizing the temperatures and making it more livable for fish.


The February cleanup focused on connecting the two ends of the park, cleaning out the valley, and curbing erosion on the creek banks. One group focused on forging a trail through the strip of woods that connect the upper hills of the park to the lower valley creek area. Another team focused on cleaning out the valley. Apart from pulling out around 200 pounds of general trash, they were able to dig out over 400 pounds of tires from the ground. A third group used cut bamboo to form a natural fence lining the bank of the creek to curb erosion. Great job, AYUDH Southeast!