AYUDH Bay Area Tree Planting session with GreenFriends Farm

AYUDH Bay Area joined GreenFriends Farm and a young Montessori class to plant 12 fruit trees in the green hills of San Ramon. They learned about the best way to plant trees so they are safe from deer and gophers, and what soil conditions will create strong healthy trees that will bear fruit.

On Saturday, January 30th, AYUDH Bay Area joined GreenFriends Farm and a young group of Montessori students to plant trees in growing fruit tree orchard at the M.A. Center. They arrived bright and early, ready to plant, and not afraid to get a little muddy. During their trek to the orchard the children were jumping in rain puddles and watching the swans make their rounds in the pond. Puffy white clouds where scuttling across the blue sky and the sun was warm.

AYUDH members learned about the needs and functions of fruit trees along with what each part of the tree does for the plants survival.  They also dug deep into the world of soil biology and its importance to the tree’s health. The trees were planted in wire mesh gopher baskets that were put in the holes to protect the young tree roots from gophers.

With each tree in its new home they mixed compost with the hillsides abundant clay to cover the roots.  Each trees received a handful of Mycorrhizae, a fungal inoculant that grows into fungi and provides increased water and nutrient absorption capabilities for the tree roots. In return the tree provides the fungus with carbohydrates formed during photosynthesis. Once all the mixed soil was added they watered each tree thoroughly and covered the area with straw in order to help keep in the moisture.

Within hours, the group had planted 12 new persimmon and apple trees!