UNAI-START Technology for Sustainable Development Conference

UNAI-Amrita Conference on Technology for Sustainable Development

On July 8th, 2015 AYUDH members from around the world came together to represent the youth’s important role in Technology for Sustainable Development. They served as delegates at the UNAI-Amrita Conference.

“Amma has one wish. All universities should send their students to impoverished rural villages or city slums for at least one or two months during their education. They would be able to see directly the issues and problems that the poor face. They could then develop solutions and write papers on everything they studied. This would help us to help the poor in the most effective way and, at the same time, awaken compassion in today’s youth.

Keynote Address by AYUDH Inspiration, Sri Mata Amritanandmayi Devi

“UNAI, Amrita University and other partner academia, your commitment to the employment of technology to benefit all human beings is a bright example of the best ideals of the UN. 2 Science should be pursued for the benefit of mankind, rather than its destruction by war. This is a fundamental belief of the UN and your conference today helps advance this very ideal, as it imagines the widest possible benefits of science for the greatest range of people.”

Permanent Representative of Georgia to the United Nations H.E. Mr. Kaza Imnadze 

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