Social Service

  • Feed homeless at local soup kitchens and shelters
  • Provide for and establishing key relationships with local nursing homes
  • Fundraise for Disaster Relief
  • Organize clothing drives with the aim to provide resources to those in need


Green Initiatives

  • Remove invasive plants in local parks and forests
  • Collect litter from parks and streams
  • Member Organization of the UN Billion Tree Campaign


Personal Empowerment

  • Hold weekly discussions serving as the foundation for members to grow into their roles
  • Organize workshops on meditation, reflection, and introspection
  • Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique ® for Youth – free meditation classes
  • Preparation for college and careers through peer support

Intercultural Exchange

  • Annual Youth Exchanges to foster a centralized focus, share ideas, and inspire action
  • Regional Youth Meets throughout the United States
  • Utilizing webcast technology to collaborate with youth internationally 
  • Traveling on Embracing the World tours to provide support to the charities internationally
  • Utilizing our unique skills to travel to India and work within AMMACHI labs, Amala Bharatam Campaign, InDeed, and other such ETW projects


  AYUDH holds the unique opportunity to create change locally, yet on a massive scale. With more than 10 chapters spanning the Americas, projects are tailored to meet the needs of each community. This allows us to provide effective and targeted service. 


Our Chapters:


AYUDH Bay Area                AYUDH Dallas          AYUDH Houston 

AYUDH Costa Rica            AYUDH Colorado        AYUDH Missouri

AYUDH Michigan               AYUDH Chicago          AYUDH Atlanta 

AYUDH DC                       AYUDH Boston         AYUDH Toronto


Our Newest University Chapter!


Want to start your own chapter in your city or at your university? Email ayudhna@amma.org to find out more. 

Annual Conference: The Ripple Effect

During the second weekend of August each year, AYUDH members from all around the Americas come together exploring how our actions impact ourselves, our peers, and the world at large. It is a time for young people to collaborate on solving the world’s hardest issues. 

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Embracing the World: How it Began

  • Embracing the World is a global network of humanitarian organizations inspired by the India-based humanitarian initiatives of the Mata Amritanandamayi Math (amritapuri.org).

  • The vast majority of our efforts are carried out by volunteers and zero paid administrators at the national and international levels. This combined with an ethic of personal renunciation demonstrated by Amma and filtered down to every level of the organization ensures that the funds raised directly reach the beneficiaries of our projects.



Spiritual leader, humanitarian and visionary Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, known throughout the world simply as “Amma”, has served the world-community for decades, imparting wisdom, strength and inspiration. Through her extraordinary acts of love, inner strength and self-sacrifice, Amma has endeared herself to millions and inspired thousands to follow in her path of selfless service.

Embracing the World - Our Story

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THE STORY OF EMBRACING THE WORLD IS THE STORY OF WHAT HAPPENED WHEN ONE PERSON DECIDED TO OFFER HER LIFE WHOLEHEARTEDLY FOR THE SAKE OF OTHERS. More than 25 years ago, the administrators of a local orphanage confessed to Amma that they were out of funds. They told Amma that before long, they would have no choice but to turn the children out on the street. Amma diverted the money that had been saved to build her ashram’s first prayer hall and used it to assume care of the orphans. With this, Embracing the World was born. Like the orphanage, each of our projects has been initiated in response to the needs of the world’s people living in poverty who have personally shared their problems with Amma. The story of Embracing the World, as much as it is a chronicle of a rapidly expanding humanitarian movement, is also a story about the power of an idea – that each of has a responsibility to help those less fortunate. Ultimately, it is a story about what happened when one person decided to offer her life wholeheartedly for the sake of others. THIS FILM WAS WRITTEN, DIRECTED, SHOT AND EDITED BY VOLUNTEERS.